Just about finished my packing; long sleeved t shirts, a fleece, a cardigan. I’ll wear a jumper. The wash bag always used to be the most complicated item, but now I find it’s increasingly about electricals. So far I have mobile ‘phone, iPod, iPad, kindle, pocket Olympus, plus all their chargers and other accessories. Not sure about the hair dryer.
Not Cat is at the Cattery. He was growling when I left, so obviously not happy about the whole thing. My friend drove me in my car. The same friend who drove me with Cat’s dead body to the vet back in March.
While I tried to persuade Not Cat he was going to have a lovely time, pointing out the comfy bed, the heat lamp and the treat I was leaving him, she walked around with the Cattery owner admiring cats in residence and hearing their stories.
In the garden, the hens had gone to bed. They are ex-battery, and the last lot of such the Cattery will have now that battery hens are banned. I would like to buy their eggs at the end of a holiday, but most are already spoken for by house and choir.
Tom, the huge black cat who dominates the house, was waiting for us when we went back inside. We gave him a quick cuddle and went back to the car. The snow that had started during our drive was coming down in determined fashion.
It looks like it means to settle.
Thank goodness I am off to warmer Ireland.