The Coronavirus Diaries, 29th April 2020

I didn’t get any further with my tax return today, but I did make progress with the jigsaw. MasterB of course joined in. This is how it and he looked this morning.

MasterB and parrot

I’ve done a bit more tonight. What you probably can’t see in that photograph are the pieces. Here’s one which looks like a dog.

Dog shaped piece

Here it is once I saw where it went. It’s got another piece beside it now, I should take more pictures as I get on.

Dog shaped piece fitted into the puzzle.

Keir Starmer did a stonking good job at PMQs today, though the PM was absent, presumably cuddling his latest child. His eight? His ninth? I don’t know and apparently neither does he. Anyway back to Keir Starmer, and his excellent performance. Well I thought so anyway. He knows his stuff, is polite, never descends into sarcasm, gives credit where it’s due and keeps on with the business of holding the government to account. This si not going down well in some quarters, but it’s the first time in ages have seen government minsters squirm at PMQs. As Starmer is so polite it gives the government little opportunity to go for the veiled and unveiled insults they have favoured for far too long in place of actual debate. empty rhetoric Starmer receives with requests for clarification and forensic questioning. It’s a joy to watch him. Continue reading