Seeing the Light

Autumn is often a time of beautifully lit days, so when I looked up and saw my fruit bowl haloed in celestial light that made me think of paintings by Caravaggio I grabbed my camera, took a couple of pix.


A touch of the Caravaggios

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony

Tonight I met my chum Shaughan to hear a performance of Monteverdi’s Vespers 1610 which is a fab piece of music and hwere the harmonies are sublime. It made me think I might rejoin the choral singing group.

But en route to the venue, St John’s Smith Square, I saw harmony. The light shortly before six o’clock this evening was extraordinary. So many people were standing taking pictures of the Palace of Westminster which looked golden, liek a fairy palace.

I headed through Victoria Gardens to the river. So here is my offering for Harmony , where the river and the buildings and the traffic, come together to make something beautiful.
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Journey into Light

The second part of the journey was on a much busier coach. People are quite amazingly selfish. They put bags on the spare seats beside them, drape their coats across them, lie across them.


Excuse me, I said, is this seat free?

Barely a look.

A hunched shoulder and the sulky gathering up of belongings.

Thank-you, I said.


She wanted to get off at Cambridge, but didn’t seem to think it necessary to say anything to me. As she started to stand up, I looked at her. Do you want to get off here? Grunt. I stood. She moved past me. No thank-you, no acknowledgement of any sort. She’ll probably be Chancellor of the Exchequer in a few years. Continue reading

St Etheldreda’s Chapel

Last time at das Boot I stopped at a village I sometimes drive through. If it had a village shop still, it would be perfect.

I visited the chapel. It was delightful from the outside.


One of my great aunts was christened Margaret Beatrice Etheldreda. She was always known as Tup, short for Tuppence. As the youngest daughter, my great grandfather called her his tuppenny bit.

The chapel was delightful on the inside too.


I loved its plain interior. The simplicity of the font.

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Saturday Night at the Marina

I’ve just got back on the boat to find it full of flying insects.

Cat requested shore leave, which turned into a bit of a marathon, me with the headtorch following him as he ranged across the marina.

I made the mistake of leaving boat windows open and a light on. So as I type this, little creatures are running across the keyboard and sitting on the screen.

OMG I’ve just looked at the rug and it is covered. And the ceiling. And the dashboard…

Time to call it a day I think.

Goodnight all.