Don’t Believe the Adverts

You know those ads where the boss is suspicious of the employee who has seemingly bounced back to full health after a day off? The ones where the employee waves a a sachet of powder and the voice over tells you that cold and flu symptoms can be banished with one hot drink?
Don’t believe them. I am about my tenth sachet, and although it might mitigate some of my symptoms, I am by no means ready to trip the light fantastic or even get a bus into town.
My cold started on Thursday. A suspicion of a sore throat. By Thursday evening my nose was running like a tap. I was doing the tissue relay. Early to bed, and one of those sachets after breakfast, and I got through work. Though I wish to apologise to all those who were close when I was sneezing. After work I had planned to go to Trafalgar Square and photograph the Paralympic Agitos, but I felt pretty washed out so headed home, buying three boxes of tissues en route. Continue reading