Of Pancakes, New ‘Phones, and Washing Dried on the Line

I am going to join friends shortly for the annual pancake indulgence that is Shrove Tuesday. I am a bit of a fraud as I am not intending to give up eggs for Lent. Actually, I don’t know that I am going to give anything up. I was thinking of taking something up instead. A good habit, for instance. Something like keeping up to date with paperwork, or not leaving things on the floor. I think that would be harder than giving up alcohol which is my usual Lenten bit of self-denial.
After my ‘phone problems at the weekend, when more than one person suggested it was time I got a new ‘phone, I tried to recall how long I have had my current one, and concluded I must be due for an upgrade shortly. I have had a contract with T-mobile since they called One-2-One, which just about equates with when Eve was a girl. All the same I was a bit surprised to receive a call from them at lunchtime yesterday on the very subject of new ‘phones and contracts. Continue reading

Communication Difficulties

First it was WordPress filling Reader up with posts by people of whom I had never heard; then my landline went on the blink giving the engaged tone when I called out, and when people called me. I checked online, thank goodness the Internet still worked, and found there had been some vandalism, and repairs were underway but with no certain date when they would be completed. By midweek I could call out, but it was only Thursday when I started receiving calls again.
On the bus home I settled myself to clear old text messages from my ‘phone. There were rather a lot, and I felt pleased with my housekeeping, but not for long. A couple of hours after all the deletions, I got a message to say my message box was full and incoming messages were being rejected. Continue reading