For Lee the Boilerman

I’ve been having ‘phone problems. My mobile has decded not to communicate with the SD card. Neither will it communicate with my laptop. It says it is full when I know it is not.

The shop around the corner where they rescued the contents of a defunct memory stick a few months ago did their best.

A trip to an EE store in High Street Ken confirmed my fears: my mobile had lost the plot.

Back at the corner shop, they offered me two mobile ‘phones, both second hand. One was the same make and model as my wandering ‘phone. The other was an i-Phone 5. After some deliberation, I opted for the latter.

While they were swapping over my SIM and sorting out the bits and bobs, a man came in with a frozen ‘phone. I learned his name was Lee. Lee had evidently been trying for some time to get the ‘phone to work properly. The shop staff worked their magic and in less time than it takes to tell, his ‘phone was communicative once more.

The counter at the shop is small. You cannot be unaware of your fellow customers’ needs. Thus Lee advised me to get a stronger case, and endorsed the screen cover. He looks a bit shocked when I said my i-Pad has a military, sandstorm proof cover.

“My mother had dementia,” I said,”She picked at the tabs so much it isn’t sand storm proof any longer.”

His father, who is only sixty-five, is showing early signs of dementia.

Bloody hell. Continue reading


Bring Back the Tufty Club

When I was a child, I was a member of the Tufty Club. It was about being safe on the road; knowing and using the kerb drill; being aware of possible dangers. Quite why a red squirrel should have been chosen to epitomise good pedestrian practice, I can’t imagine. I never did my cycling proficiency. It was one of those things I heard about, but never saw where I could do it. I learned to drive, in London, in my twenties.

In the wake of the intemperate remarks by John Griffin of Addison Lee I have been reflecting on my walking, cycling and driving experiences in London. The things that frighten me most as a pedestrian frighten me the most when I am on two wheels or four. I have also been considering his remark about grannys on bikes, and the lack of outrage at his words. He has simultaneously and gratuitously insulted women and older people. Though there are some pretty young grannys out there. Homophobia and racism are widely and rightly condemned. How about making ageism and sexism history.

Top of my fear list are drivers using handheld mobile ‘phones. Especially those driving lorries. I have a grudging admiration for their dexterity as I cannot imagine how they do it. Continue reading