The Coronavirus Diaries, 20th July 2020

This will be a short post. I have spent far too long in front of the computer screen today and I feel like a zombie. The day’s CPD overran, the tech support was hopeful rather than effective and I didn’t get lunch. I did drink a lot of water, though whether because I was genuinely thirsty or just as a way of keeping awake, I am not sure. As I was bored much of the time, it’s quite difficult to assess how useful the day was right now. Certainly I feel no enthusiasm for putting any of it into practice, though there’s a follow up task, so I shall have to dredge up the motivation from somewhere, and soon. The best part was when MasterB marched onto the keyboard, just as I asked a question. He had been making it clear for some time that he wanted my attention, and this direct action worked quite well.

Once I was free I called a friend to debrief. She had done the same training day a while ago. Only now I had done it too did she feel free to roundly condemn the way it was delivered. Then I went for a much needed walk, and after that some shopping for fresh veg and so on. I went to Morrison’s. I should really take care what time I go there. It was busy. Few of the shoppers were observing social distancing, though the free hand gel seemed very popular. If I come down with the virus in the next few days, Morrison’s will be where I caught it. Continue reading

Colds and Ethical Investment Advice

Still bunged up with the cold, and my nose is as pink as MasterB’s. We look like a pair of out of season Rudolphs.
I went to see a financial adviser today to discuss ethical investment. This is my second attempt. The last one I saw had a view of ethical that did not even seem like a distant cousin to mine.
This went better, until he showed me the companies the ethical investment company invests in. I don’t want to taken to court for libel, (or do I mean slander?) but two of the top names on the list are companies I actively avoid.
This looks like it is going to be harder than I thought.
Anyway, it’s bedtime now, so no decisions tonight.
Sleep well.

Bah Humbug!

My seasonal cheer has taken a dent.
I am irritated.

I want to get a microsim for my new toy, my ipad. My treat as I didn’t go away for a proper holiday in 2011, and that would have cost more. As I don’t expect to be using it on the hoof a tremendous amount, I first opted for a top up pay-as-you-go option from Vodafone. Only to learn that they never work.

Back to the drawing board, and an option for very low use, £3 pcm rolling thirty day contract, also with Vodafone.
Great. Super. Let’s go for that.

I failed the credit check. Continue reading