A Bit of a Wallow

To be honest, I am feeling rather low today. A bit sorry for myself. The excitement of yesterday’s new dressing, the anticipation of how my wrist was healing has given way to the sombre reality that it’s still weeks before I can start to use my hand properly again. Suddenly that feels daunting. Weeks of one handed washing up; weeks of struggling to push the vacuum cleaner round; in short, weeks where hitherto simple tasks to which I generally do not give much thought, are effortful and time consuming challenges. So I am allowing myself a little wallow this morning. A few what if thoughts that I have so far banished. I guess this moment and those thoughts were inevitable. By this afternoon, I hope to have reconciled myself with this reality, and found new interim goals to enjoy and aim for, and to be grateful for what I have. Patience is not one of my strongest suits. It is something I had to learn as a teacher, and in a professional capacity I became very good. Now my body needs a bit of that patience and understanding, and some of the motivational skills I used to effect with my pupils. Continue reading