A River of Stones Day 7 Iconic Delight

It is dusk. I am waiting at the bus stop to go home after a day at work. Westminster tube station yawns open behind me.
People emerge. Visitors to London. The look up and gasp, fumble for cameras and ‘phones. I do not need to know their languages to understand their delight in this iconic sight.

The Clock Tower

Back in the City

I n complete contrast with the West End, only one street in the City has Christmas decorations; Bow Lane. I notice they are straying into Watling Street which crosses it, so maybe in a decade the whole city will be lit up like a, well, like a Christmas tree. That doesn’t stop businesses from having decorations inside their doors, but it does make Bow Lane that little bit special.
This year the decorations seem a little subdued to me.

They would look better after dark, but I wasn’t planning on staying around that long.
Bow lane gets its name from St Mary-le-Bow, and you can see the church spire in the background.
Famously, a recording of the church bells were broadcast by the BBC during the Second World War. They became a of hope to the free people of Europe. Continue reading