Aunt Online

Again yesterday I found a journey by car heart wrenching. I drove from the marina to visit Aunt. Each turn in the road a reminder of those days driving to and from Mother. I had thought I was beginning to scab over. These journeys tell me that there is a lot of healing yet to go. It’s not a bad thing. More a reality check.
At Aunt’s, where she had soup ready, we played with tablets and smart phones. Her wonderful cleaner, Linda, was there. She seldom emails, leaving it to the men in her family. So we had a three way message sending session. Linda, to her delight, realised how easy it is to send photos. Aunt received two pictures of her cat Charlie in various sleeping poses.
Aunt became pretty proficient at turning the tablet on and off, finding her email, opening it. Seeing the picture. I sent her some of MasterB and some from my ‘phone of mother in the last days. She finds typing laborious, not being familiar with keyboards. I suggested she could acknowledge emails with a smiley face. She liked that idea. She just needs to do the eyes before the mouth, and we’ll have lift off. Continue reading

The Come Back Kid’s Return

She’s amazing. How does she do it?

Is it pure determination and stubborness, or does her tiny frame belie a strength invisible to the naked eye.

I’d be yelling “Rejoice!” had Margaret Thatcher not forever tainted the word with her offensive nationalistic triumphalism.

Mother, who was baptised at home back in 1919 because she was not expected to last more than a few days, has confounded and delighted us. She had two sets of visitors today. Both have told me how happy and active she was.

She became sad when she realised Favourite Grandson and Girlfriend were leaving and told them she was frightened, which they found distressing.

However, to keep poisitive, she’s eating, socialising with the other residents, and it seems her blip into tiredness on Thursday may have been after a number of them made a big fuss of her when she reappeared amonin the dining room after several weeks’ absence.

I discovered during my extended stay East that she has at least two male admirers among the scheme’s residents.

Still no luck with the teeth, but I’m thinking of asking my dentist for advice.

I’d love to think I’m a chip off the old block, but lacking Mother’s stamina, I’m headed for a bath and a very early night.

Cat is out of sorts. His upset tum meant both of us had a disturbed night last night, and he’s rather subdued now, but that may be because he’s missing all the love and attention he had from his expanded group of admirers while we were away.

The Indomitable Mother

Cat and Mother are both asleep on the same bed, though only one of them is under the quilt.

Cat has endured being called a lovely girl, which for such a macho boy (well, a macho It), must have been tough.

On the other hand, Cat has bagged the middle of the bed, so Mother’s legs are pushed to one side. She seems to be happy with the arrangement.

If his presence could keep her in bed, I’d be delighted.

It’s been quite a day.

The third dose of antibiotic turned Mother from a very sick nonagenarian into a woman determined to do everything for herself. It doesn’t seem to matter to her that her temperature was raging until lunchtime. She wants to get to the loo on her own. Her legs are stick thin and wobbly.

I am, obviously, as proud as Punch of her indomitable spirit, and the carers were almost cheering, but it is a bit of a worry for tonight.

We were smiling like proud parents willing on a stumbling toddler as she said, “I like to be independent,” and “I want to do it myself”. Continue reading