November Sky in London

The light was wonderful late this afternoon.



November Roses and other Late Autumn Things

It’s that time of year when after lunch the sun is so low it shines straight into your eyes and you can’t see the faces of people coming towards you.
That’s when there is sun. We had mostly rain from mid afternoon on Friday to mid afternoon yesterday. But today, like last Sunday, had glorious blue skies and lengthening shadows.
Despite the sunshine, MasterB did not want to go out. He took himself back to bed, got very shy when he met the neighbours on the landing, and growled when someone on a lower floor started talking in the communal area.
It was after lunch before he made it into the garden. He so obviously wanted my company that I stayed outside with him, took pictures of the roses, the grapevine and the winter pansies I planted in the hanging baskets last weekend.
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Two Novembers

A year ago I was on das Boot. Back at home, I had a stack of paperwork to attend to. Over on the Scroobius Pip’s page she has a similar story.

This November, apart from the heated towel rail in the bathroom, I’ve yet to out my heating on.
I took this photos in the garden today. They are my usual subjects – plants, Not Cat.

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Blue Sky November Day in the Garden

Looking at yesterday’s photographs, I am so struck by the blueness of the sky. The morning was misty, but then the mist burned off. Today, it started misty again, and by and large it stayed that way. Such a contrast.

The Ginger Ninja Strikes Out

I wanted to post some letters today, but Not Cat kept trying to follow me, so I ended up spending ages in the garden taking photographs and then lots of footage of him. I really wanted to capture his strange little dance, but of course he did that when I had the camera turned off. I’ve still got some work to do tonight, so no time to view and edit as I’d like, but here is a little video that illustrates why washing the car is a waste of time and how the neighbour’s efforts at preventing cats and foxes from walking his wall have also failed.