October Garden (and the Cat)

First I was eclipsed by Cat, now people commenting on my page are telling me the posts they like the best feature MasterB. What’s a woman to do? If I were to follow WordPress Guidelines I would just post cat photos here, but as I am not seeking domination of the blogosphere, and just want a little corner of it to call my own, there will continue to be posts about the flotsam and jetsam of my life. So here are some photos of the garden, and one of MasterB. Continue reading

October on the South Bank

Two of my friends have written novels and now in the throes of editing. I met one of them yesterday. She was high after attending a reading by Janice Galloway at Kings Place. We met at the South Bank in the National Theatre, but it was too nice to be inside, so we followed this invitation to the rooftop garden of the QEH.

The Only Way is Up

Unfortunately for us, lots of other people had had the same idea and the seats were all taken. We stood, we admired. I photographed. We wandered, we wondered.

Ceramic Flowers


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