On the Beach, 1911

While I was looking for pictures of Aunt Eve yesterday, I spent quite a while looking at other old family photos. I love this one.

Sidney with Edith and Dorothy

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

These photos were, fairly obviously, not taken by me. But they are of my family. I was looking for a different picture, one of my father with his three siblings, but I found these first and enjoyed looking at them.

My grandfather’s (my father’s father) two sisters looked fairly alike as these two pictures show.

Great Aunt Doll (Dorothy)

Great Aunt Evelyn

As the pictures also show, they were quite different characters. Evelyn was the glamourous one who died young in a traffic accident. I don’t know what became of her husband, but her daughter, Cousin Gwyn who developed Alzheimer’s and died a few years ago, having been one of the most lively and entertaining of my many relatives, became an extra sibling for my father, his brother and sisters. Continue reading