A Day in the East With Birds and Mother

I have managed a few fairly unsatisfactory shots of ducks and geese, but my top bird moments today have been sans camera. There are house martins swooping and diving through the air in front of me, but I am not even going to try to photograph them.
Today has involved a certain amount of driving around, and it was this morning, on my way to see Mother, that I had my most exciting sighting; an owl in the trees by the roadside. I have had a quick look in the bird book I keep on board, and I am pretty confident that it was a Little Owl. I think it was the roundness of its head that made me slow on an already slow back road and take a second look. Athene, I thought, as I drove on to through the pretty village of Reach where one day I am going to stop and visit the pub, goddess of wisdom. Then I had a thought that owls are sometimes said to be harbingers of death. That probably is true if you are a mouse, but it also says something about where my mind is now regarding Mother.
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