Boat Perfect

A week ago I was at the airport, learning that my flight had been delayed and starting the slow return to London after a break in the country where I had been surrounded by fields with cows and fat lambs; wild flowers in the hedgerow; skies that changed from grey to blue and back again; farm buildings and farm machinery a part of the landscape; and greens of all the shades they say make up Ireland.

But hold on a minute, for I am again surrounded by fields, by sheep and cows and hens; there are farm buildings and farm machinery; this morning’s pale skies have become a radiant blue; the hedgerows buzz with bees enjoying the wild flowers; the countryside is swathed in her summer greens. The internet connection is just as erratic as at Cousin’s.


Walking, Swimming,and Resident Animals

I was wrong about the cat. No, let me rephrase that. I was right that there is a cat. I was wrong in thinking she was the only one. So far I think I have seen six different cats, and heard a major row between two of them about half an hour ago.

The cats laze in sunny spots. One has taken possession of the shop. He looks the healthiest, so I imagine he gets more than his fair share of treats from visitors.

There are also dogs. I have met three. They like to accompany people down the steps to the beach. I presume they swim with the guests too as their coats are salty. Original sea dogs.

I don’t know if I mentioned the beach. Actually I should make that beaches as I understand there are two close by, but so far I have only been to one of them.
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