Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Funnily enough, elsewhere I joined in with a photo challenge on this vary same word.
It’d be cheating to put the same photo here, though I do like it, so instead, here is a picture I took by the South Bank the other week.


When I’ve caught up on washing and post, I may put up another.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

I’ve finally registered with WordPress for the photo challenges, and this week it’s photos of flowers.

Well, I’ve posted loads of photos of flowers over the last few weeks, so this might be too much of a good thing.

But with autumn around the corner, I suspect I’ll be snapping leaves and berries soon, so this may be my swansong flower post of the summer.

Or maybe not…

Blue Sky Hollyhocks

Obviously, I had to include some hollyhocks, seeing as they have been my symbol of summer this year.

White Rose Blue Sky

And then, while we’re on the subject of blue sky, this one, which though not a great photo has a certain something about it.

Moth at Rest

Why is it that insects are so attracted to yellow? Continue reading