City of London Lunch Break

This weekend has been a working one. I am glad to be home now and a few hours to relax before bed then work tomorrow. Today I had some free time in the City. I had my point and squirt Olympus, but it wasn’t really up to the pix I wanted to take. I’m not dissing the Olympus, it’s a great little camera, but I was looking at details quite high up on buildings.
Then I saw this:

I have no idea of its title. I walked all around the base, but didn’t see one. I like its optimistic, zingy, quality.
A group of tourists were huddled around a City policeman. They were all looking at a map.

You can tell he’s a City policeman, as opposed to the Met, by his helmet. In common with all forces in cities founded by the Romans, it has a ridge down it, an echo of the centurion’s helmet. Now who thought that idea up I wonder? I’d love to know. Continue reading


Boats on Skye

The weather here in London is mild I know compared to what is happening further north and east.
My friend on Skye reports howling winds and driving rain; just the same weather we had during part of my visit to see her last year.
I took these picture after we had lunched in Dunvegan and attempted to walk along the shore. The dog shivered in her coat, and picked her reluctantly through the shingle. Conversation was impossible. The boats at anchor lurched on grey waves. We turned back after only a couple of hundred yards.

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City of Contrasts

Back in the City today and as I had my camera handy, I took these pictures.
There is always a huge amount of building going on in the Square Mile, as property owners compete for the best offices to let at huge rents.
The current trend is for very tall buildings with names such as the Pinnacle and the Heron, while just south of the City is the Shard. Sounds like a bit of willy waggling to me: mine’s bigger than yours type of thing.

I have a soft spot for the Lloyd’s building. It’s the most photogenic building I know. Just point a camera at it and the results are at the very least good.

The Lloyds Building

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