Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

At our local City Garden Farm I saw this mistletoe ready to be harvested from a tree for the Christmas market.

The woman in charge explained that it was thought a magical plant in ancient times as it has no roots and seems to hang between earth and heaven.


The mistletoe is managed here, and on much lower branches than you see it growing wild. It brings some welcome income to the City Garden Farm.

Adolescent Anxieties

It’s been much too exciting a day. I’m cream-crackered. And I feel I’ve aged about ten years.

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His Ginger Ninja Self

About half an hour before I needed to go to work, I went into the garden to call Not Cat who had been outside off and on for most of the morning following a game or several on the stairs. I could hear him crying but not see him. I looked up. He was on top of a high wall. Too high for jumping down from. Continue reading

The Apprentice Hunter

Much as I love watching Not Cat exploring the garden and climbing the trees, I am increasingly aware that this is all preparation for successful hunting. He has at least two hides now where he can crouch concealed among leaves to watch for birds. He alerts me to the presence of the wrens and blue tits by his obvious interest. The blackbirds alert me to his whereabouts. He’s fast and light and determined. A friend with two killer cats reckons he is studying. I do hope she’s wrong. I never saw Cat catch a bird. He was interested, and would sit hopefully for hours beneath the bluetits’ nests, which is how we knew where they were, but I only saw him catch mice and moths.
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Two Novembers

A year ago I was on das Boot. Back at home, I had a stack of paperwork to attend to. Over on the Scroobius Pip’s page she has a similar story. http://thescroobiuspip.com/2011/11/26/clearing-clutter

This November, apart from the heated towel rail in the bathroom, I’ve yet to out my heating on.
I took this photos in the garden today. They are my usual subjects – plants, Not Cat.

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A View or Two from the Bridge

I had to cross London Bridge on foot yesterday lunchtime. The views of the river with the HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge beyond always lift my spirits. I pulled out my camera and took a few pictures.

I may be revealing more about my way of looking at the world than is wise, but the way the Gherkin looms out over and between buildings in the City makes me think of Godzilla. Here it is again.

Godzilla Gherkin

Billingsgate wholesale fish market relocated to Docklands some thirty years ago. All the lively noise and bustle went too. The new building can be easily identified as they copied the weather vanes from this nineteenth century version designed by Horace Jones. It’s one of my favourite riverside buildings in the City. Big organisations such as Tesco’s hire it as a Christmas party venue. You can hardly see the ironwork the next day for all the empty bottle crates piled up.

Horace Jones also had a hand in the design of Tower Bridge. A bascule bridge, it takes just ninety seconds to raise the two halves. No matter how many times I see the bridge opening, it remains a magical sight. The HMS Belfast in the foreground was built in Belfast at the Harland and Wolff shipyard, where the Titanic was also built. The Belfast was commissioned on St Patrick’s Day and after service in both the Second World and Korean Wars has become a floating outpost of the Imperial War Museum. For some reason, its guns are pointing at the Scratchwood Service Station on the M1. A bad snack perhaps? Continue reading

Is This Love, or Something Else Entirely?

Sonny’s behaviour and attitude to me has got me wondering.
First there was the moment when I was sitting on the ground stroking Not Cat who was rolling and wriggling. We got closer and closer to Sonny. I expected him to hurry away, but no, he rolled on his back and watched me with half an eye.
I know he gets Not Cat’s left-overs, but he has taken to greeting me with a loud miaow and following me about the garden. If I stop and offer a hand, he usually looks fairly aghast, but I able to get a lot nearer him than I used to.
On Sunday, this is how he acted when I walked towards him with my camera. Can anyone translate what he’s saying please?

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The Ginger Ninja Strikes Out

I wanted to post some letters today, but Not Cat kept trying to follow me, so I ended up spending ages in the garden taking photographs and then lots of footage of him. I really wanted to capture his strange little dance, but of course he did that when I had the camera turned off. I’ve still got some work to do tonight, so no time to view and edit as I’d like, but here is a little video that illustrates why washing the car is a waste of time and how the neighbour’s efforts at preventing cats and foxes from walking his wall have also failed.