Action Cat

Most photos of MasterB that I post here show him lying down, sunbathing, sleeping, or looking out of the window, maybe sitting in the garden. The most active images show him taking a leisurely stroll. So it would be perfectly understandable if some of you thought of him as a fairly static cat, a sedentary cat. Understandable but wrong.

This may look like a flat to you and me, but to MasterB it’s a racing circuit, a feline version of Brands Hatch combined with elements of Aintree.
He races about it, leaps from one piece of furniture to another, weaves between chair legs, refuels with some biscuits in pit stops.

I’ve been trying to work at home, but no work can be achieved until we have had interactive play. The current favourite toys are the play cube, now somewhat battered, and the equally battered fishing rod feather toy.

So here are a couple of shaky hand videos to see the boy in action.

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The Play Cube Haiku

There is no doubt the play cube has been a success. Barely a day goes by without Not Cat jumping in and out of it. Sometimes, for a bit of variety, he jumps on top of it. Sometimes he pushes it along.

With the rain this month, it has been given a thorough workout at wet playtimes. It is looking rather battered. There are a few small holes and I have had to wrap metal spokes and put corks on the end of them to stop lethal injuries.

Play Cube

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