Rain Stops – Play

At last, a bright sunny day and blue skies. Oh how good to be alive.
Yesterday afternoon, the rain slowed from a steady downpour, to a few drips, to the odd patch of blue sky between the grey grey clouds. And suddenly, it was a lovely evening.

Not Cat, who has been getting cabin fever, stayed out until bedtime, and then had to be carried in. He was a happy cat. There’s something of the Puss in Boots about him in this photo. Continue reading

Toys for Cats

Not Cat has a new toy that he loves. Or rather toys. I’m glad, as the favoured yellow ball threatens to disintegrate into a thousand bright and rubbery pieces.
Even so, I nearly threw the new toys away. They are the cut off remnants from Mother’s birthday velour trousers. She being on the smaller side of petite, I had to lop a couple of inches off and then rehem them.
I picked up one of the bits I’d cut off, and wound it into a ball. Hey presto! New toy.
They have been so successful that I’m looking at some rather past it socks and wondering if I could set up I business.
They have battered and batted, carried, caught and killed this evening. This picture was a rare moment when I had both of them together on the door mat. They are completely machine washable too.