Of Dead Batteries, Kaput Kindles, Journeys Not Taken, and Margaret Attwood

Today has not gone to plan. I suppose that’s not unusual. My life isn’t run on military lines. But tonight I was supposed to be at the marina, aboard das Boot, and I’m not. I’m at home in London. My car battery has been playing up. I don’t drive very often, and thought that was probably the problem. So I checked it last night and the car started at once. This morning, as I began to pile bits and pieces into the boot, I thought I should check again before I got as far as loading the cat. Just as well. It was as dead as a dodo.
The garage made herculean efforts and got me a battery by early afternoon, but by that time I had decided to cut my losses and get on with things here. So, the new router is now set up and the old one advertised on Freecycle. No takers yet. I stocked up o frozen fruit for my next cake baking at the weekend, Continue reading