New Year’s Day in the Life of Not Cat

My plan, mid-morning, was to go for a short walk locally, taking my camera, to see if there was anything that caught my eye and which might suit the Winter challenge.

Not Cat hurried down the stairs with me. In the garden, he rushed about, and kept returning to me. I was looking at some leaves caught in a tree. Not Cat twisted his head round and looked too.

Looking at the Tree

Looking being far too passive an activity for Not Cat, he got into the tree.

In the Tree

The tree seemed to bear further investigation. Though it didn’t look very comfortable.

Further Investigation

He stayed there a while.

Interesting Features

Then he climbed down.


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Weekly photo Challenge: Self-Portrait

Like many people, I try to keep photos of myself off the www, so this week’s challenge presents particular obstacles.

However, I am hoping this interpretation fits the bill. It’s a bit like the Loyd Grossman programme Through the Keyhole which was popular a few years ago. It’s a photograph of a collection of bits and pieces I have acquired over the years. They represent interests I have, remind me of friends and places, some pieces were my father’s.

Some of these objects I have had since I was in single figures. There’s a lottery ticket from some weeks ago I have not yet checked; a papier mâché award I was given by some children I taught; a piece of the Berlin Wall; presents from friends; pebbles I picked up in Greece; and much more.
Everything is displayed in an object I picked out of a skip in the West End. I think it was part of a ceiling.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

At our local City Garden Farm I saw this mistletoe ready to be harvested from a tree for the Christmas market.

The woman in charge explained that it was thought a magical plant in ancient times as it has no roots and seems to hang between earth and heaven.


The mistletoe is managed here, and on much lower branches than you see it growing wild. It brings some welcome income to the City Garden Farm.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

These photos were, fairly obviously, not taken by me. But they are of my family. I was looking for a different picture, one of my father with his three siblings, but I found these first and enjoyed looking at them.

My grandfather’s (my father’s father) two sisters looked fairly alike as these two pictures show.

Great Aunt Doll (Dorothy)

Great Aunt Evelyn

As the pictures also show, they were quite different characters. Evelyn was the glamourous one who died young in a traffic accident. I don’t know what became of her husband, but her daughter, Cousin Gwyn who developed Alzheimer’s and died a few years ago, having been one of the most lively and entertaining of my many relatives, became an extra sibling for my father, his brother and sisters. Continue reading