Oh my. What a lovely evening.

It was the first night of a new community film club. In the same place where we go to Book Club in SE5. The book club Celia and I joined after peering at an indistinct poster behind glass that was covered in condensation.

Michèle happened to be passing. Oh do join our book club, she said. But we don't live here, we said. We are from further up the road; part of the SE17 tribe. No matter, said Michėle (or words to that effect), you are still welcome.

So the SE5 tribe opened its doors to us, and communication between two neighbourhoods opened up.


The opposite of those stories people tell you about people in cities living lonely lives surrounded by millions. Continue reading

Rainbow Days

So much going on today: barge races on the Thames; the start of Ramadan; Wimbledon; Glastonbury; North Lambeth Parish Fête.

We went to the unrolling of a carpet.

Not just any carpet, and although it wasn’t tufted Wilton, it drew crowds and photographers and had to be cordoned off to stop an over-enthusiastic public from walking on it before the appointed hour.

As luck would have it, we were early, and using detective skills honed by hours of watching Poirot, we worked out where it was to be, then went to buy coffee.

When we got back the carpet, neatly rolled, was being manhandled by two burly chaps in hi-viz jackets.

Burly Chaps

Burly Chaps

I took photos. Naturally. Continue reading


I’m off home tomorrow afternoon. The days have flown by. I never did make to the Da Vinci exhibition or even the Titanic walk as my friend went down with laryngitis and was confined to a silent indoors. Instead, we went west to Donegal and Oaklands House.

20120730-190042.jpg More of that visit later.
On Friday I escaped the threat of a barbecue. A friend of Cousin’s was about to sign us up and I was inwardly quaking. I mean, a barbecue is not the most exciting or agreeable prospect for a lifelong vegetarian. I was quite interested in the event that preceded it which I heard as a trouser hunt. It was only an hour or so later that the penny dropped. As it turned out, the early part of the evening was taken up with one of the youngest members of the family dribbling over my iPad and demanding to see photos of Westie Boy and the Big Cat. The house quietened down in time for a quick bite and we installed ourselves in front of the television. Continue reading