Birds of a Feather

It’s a moot point if this will load. I appear to have an Internet connection, but not a strong enough one to allow me to access anything. But if that is the price of being at das Boot for the first time since last autumn so be it.
The spiders have taken over. I dislodged dozens of them this afternoon, but then I went ashore to chat with some friends and I think they all came back. There’s a huge one making a web across the ceiling right now. There are also lots of irritating insects so I am hoping the spider will eat well tonight.
Das Boot is dewinterised, the tank is full, and the engine has purred for a short while, meaning I have both hot water and and a flushing loo.
I was reluctant to start the engine. Grebes are nesting less than ten feet from das Boot. I was worried about disturbing them and letting the wee ones become supper for the pike whose nickname is Moby. Draw your own conclusions.

However, I was assured the grebes would not mind in the least, and so it proved. They have two babies and three more eggs. They seem to sit in shifts. The one not sitting fussily reinforces the nest with weed. The babies are fed with the utmost tenderness. I am cursing my decision not to bring the proper camera.

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