Showing His Best Side

I was about to head out to work this morning when MasterB’s vet called. She is a big fan of ginger cats, so both Cat and MasterB have been highly appreciated. She fell in love with MasterB on sight, and knowing I had my doubts when I first adopted him she even said she would have him. A few months in, she invited him back to the surgery for a professional photo shoot. His alarmed face now decorates the front of her van.
Today, she explained that she wants to revamp the reminder cards sent out to owners about pet vaccinations. She wondered if I might be able to supply a photo of MasterB standing and side on so she could arrange various bubbles around him saying the different things the vet would do during an annual check up; not just vaccinations, but teeth scaling, ear checks, checking anal glands, and so on. As a quid pro quo, my contact details for cards and calendars of MasterB would appear on the reminder card.
Surely, I said. No problem. I have hundreds of photos of my boy. Continue reading