An Outing to Gardeners’ Question Time in the Sunshine

The route to our destination divided into parts. First I walked the couple of hundred yards down the road to Celia’s flat. I met her husband Charlie at the gate, off to watch some cricket. I’d already paused to photograph lilies and a poppy, and then found the garden at the flats a sea of white marguerites. Still in their pots, they are apparently destined for a promotion one of Celia and Charlie’s neighbours is involved with.

We set off on foot, seeing a couple of neighbours going about their Sundays. A pause at the local garden farm while Celia used the loo, and I left some flyers.

The farm has fabulous wisteria.

We wanted to get to the venue early as Celia had two spare tickets, and we also wanted to eat locally. we had loads of time, so we dropped by the local city farm.

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A River of Stones, Day Twenty: Laughing

Six thirty, Friday night and the News Quiz is on. I’m listening, laughing a little, smiling a lot, as I carry out an ordinary domestic task. Then Jeremy Hardy tells a story about meeting Donald Sutherland in a public loo, and I have to stop stuffing the quilt into the clean cover because I am laughing so hard.

It was so good, I am going to listen to it again on BBC iPlayer.