Of Day Trips and Good Neighbours

Just in from work and sipping some red wine before bed. MasterB said hello to me from under a bush as I came thtrough the garden but seemed disinclined to come in.

I can take a hint.

He can’t stay out too long though, because tomorrow I want to be up bright early, enjoy my coffee and be out of the shower ready to hit the street at eight o’clock when Celia will be ringing the doorbell.

We are off to Ramsgate for the day. I am so excited. I think I went to Ramsgate about thirty years ago. When I say to, I mean through. I certainly didn’t stop there. Now I am revved up about Pugin architecture, Georgian streets, and lunch in a pub with a view of the sea.

Celia and I did our research in the garden under the shade of the pruned cherry tree this afternoon with the help of two guide books, an ipad, MasterB and tumblers of water with mint leaves.