Leaping Bunny Hidden Bloodshed

Nice to see the snow effect back on the page. I had forgotten about it.

I finished We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves and survived. I was so worried about Fern; I had horrible images of her with electrodes attached to her brain; ghastly experiments in the name of progress that I don’t want to even think about; experiments that will benefit mankind at the expense of other members of the animal kingdom.

Small wonder then, that taking refuge from the cold wind at the bus stop last night when Celia and I went into the adjacent shop and we looked at the largish range of shampoos on sale, I was checking for those with the leaping bunny symbol.

Not a single bottle of shampoo we looked at had the symbol. How many rabbits have had their eyes rendered sore and stinging, and in some cases blinded, in the cause of shiny human hair?

I am a sporadic supporter of PETA and as a result I receive the magazine. this time I can’t even take off the plastic cover; the stories promised inside sound so horrific. Continue reading

A Bit of a Wallow

To be honest, I am feeling rather low today. A bit sorry for myself. The excitement of yesterday’s new dressing, the anticipation of how my wrist was healing has given way to the sombre reality that it’s still weeks before I can start to use my hand properly again. Suddenly that feels daunting. Weeks of one handed washing up; weeks of struggling to push the vacuum cleaner round; in short, weeks where hitherto simple tasks to which I generally do not give much thought, are effortful and time consuming challenges. So I am allowing myself a little wallow this morning. A few what if thoughts that I have so far banished. I guess this moment and those thoughts were inevitable. By this afternoon, I hope to have reconciled myself with this reality, and found new interim goals to enjoy and aim for, and to be grateful for what I have. Patience is not one of my strongest suits. It is something I had to learn as a teacher, and in a professional capacity I became very good. Now my body needs a bit of that patience and understanding, and some of the motivational skills I used to effect with my pupils. Continue reading