Whose Regeneration is This?

A few years ago a terrible fire broke out by our old town hall. I happened to be walking down the road at the time, and saw the billowing smoke and the flames leaping from the roof. It was an incident that drew the community together. At a public meeting soon afterwards, the audience made it clear that the town hall, and the library next door were both buildings the community valued. It seemed that our council officers took note, and planned to restore both buildings and keep them as community buildings.

Roll forward to 2016. Sunny Walworth, my home for more than three decades, is part of the extended regeneration zone around the Elephant and Castle. I believe it would be fair to say that the regeneration has not been quite what local people imagined it would be. We started with high hopes for our neighbourhoods, our communities. Gradually these hopes have been repaved by cynicism.

Whose regeneration is this?

It feels like neighbourhoods and communities are being unmade and remoulded, and the remoulding is for people the developers want to attract. This has been a diverse area, and one that has seen little division. Intentionally or not, regeneration has created a them and us scenario.

Increasingly it has felt as though established communities are voiceless. We can look on, but the place we regard as home is being redesigned for others. We are outsiders in our own neighbourhood. Continue reading

The Aylesbury

A few months ago my camera’s memory card lost the plot. I could have recovered the lost images had I paid £30, but it didn’t seem worth it. I regret the photos of the fox though.

After my bike ride last Sunday I revisited the same scene: the Aylesbury Estate. You’ll know it if you watch Channel 4 as its windswept walkways are used in one of their clever logo trailers. Not that the Aylesbury residents are happy about that; they launched a campaign to get Channel 4 to stop using the trailer, objecting that it gave a false and negative impression of their estate. You can read about it and see both the offending video and the residents’ riposte if you click here.

To be truthful, I always thought the trailer had been made on the Heygate which is being rapidly reduced to rubble. Parts of the Aylesbury have gone and others are due to go too, I understand. I am tempted to use the pictures for this week’s photo challenge, ‘fray’. Maybe I shall.

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