Third Anniversary

Mother and Cat Today marks three years since Cat died. People are right when they say time heals. That awful heart splitting pain does soften. It’s the rest of his life I remember now; his ginger and whiteness, his swagger, his determination, machismo, demands and affection. He was one in a million, and he lived with me. How lucky does that make me?
Well, doubly lucky it seems, as I now have the Ginger Ninja; Cat’s polar opposite in temperament and character, but equal In affection and good looks. There is no doubt in my mind that the nearly three years MasterB has lived with me have helped me come to terms with Cat’s loss. As I mourned one, I came to love the other.
Tonight I shall toast Cat, look at his pictures, remember his antics; the bowls of water overturned when he was cross with me; the schmoozing of strangers; the whole social being that he was; his larger than lifeness.
Then, on Sunday, I invite you to join me in remembering other loved pets. I am going to be mentioning Claud, Phoebe, Izzy and Tom who have all died since last year. If you want me to add a name to that list, let me know. We can light candles, tell the soppy stories, do whatever. Animals have been important to me all my life, and this little ritual of remembering them and each year has become a way of honouring their memory. So join in, spread the word, just don’t tell Hallmark!