Boats on Skye

The weather here in London is mild I know compared to what is happening further north and east.
My friend on Skye reports howling winds and driving rain; just the same weather we had during part of my visit to see her last year.
I took these picture after we had lunched in Dunvegan and attempted to walk along the shore. The dog shivered in her coat, and picked her reluctantly through the shingle. Conversation was impossible. The boats at anchor lurched on grey waves. We turned back after only a couple of hundred yards.

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Run Like the Wind

Woke this morning to the sound of the wind whistling around the house and the rain lashing against the windows.

Rain I can cope with so long as I’m wearing the right clothes. Rain and wind combined is something else. Particularly when you can see it being driven almost horizontally across the hills behind the loch.

I’d have hated being a mediaeval peasant.

We had been planning a day out, but unsurprisingly, the morning took a different turn.

I cleaned a mosaic I gave D a couple of years ago, and gathered up the pieces that had been dislodged by the frost and snow of two winters.

There was a distinctly organic smell in the kitchen as it dried out over the Rayburn.

I was going to mix up the Araldite and do the repairs when we realised the rain had stopped.

The dog had been very patient, making do with a run around the garden, but now we took the opportunity to take her down by the shore.

Oh happy thought! Oh happy dog! She raced and played and jumped and ran. She found a smelly shell and brought it to us. She hunted a clod of earth and successfully killed it. She found a stick and threw it for herself to chase.

My hand shook in the wind as I took a couple of short videos of her. It seemed she was performing for the camera. Continue reading

Overnight to Skye

The mirror, wrapped in layers of bubble wrap, takes up a substantial amount of room in my bag. Trousers, warm tops and lots of socks and knickers add to the padding. My cold means I’m also taking half the medicines in the bathroom cabinet with me, which wasn’t on my original list. Also a big box of soft paper hankies.
I’m wearing my boots and packing a pair of shoes and some slippers. My pyjamas are on the top of my bag by the washbag, all ready for when I bed down on the sleeper tonight. I’m really hoping I’ll have a compartment to myself so I am not inflicting my cough on anyone. Continue reading

Unfortunate Events

Halfway through a special screening of West is West last night, I felt my throat becoming very sore. I fished out an Olbas Oil pastille as quietly as I could and carried on watching.

The film is wonderful; every bit as warm hearted and thought provoking as East is East, and equally poignant and funny. I think it goes on general release next week, or maybe it’s next month. Anyway. Book your seats. You shan’t be disappointed.

Out in the foyer, I turned to my companion and found I’d lost my voice. Ooops.

It still hadn’t reappeared this morning so I rang in sick. which meant I was home when the ‘phone rang. Mother was found lying on the floor and has been admitted to her local hospital via A&E. She’s now been moved to the Emergency Assessment Unit, and I’m advised to call about four to see how she is. Continue reading