In the Pre Dawn

Someone in the room next to mine has an early start. I imagine like me s/he has opted for sleep in a bed between flights, and a pre-dawn trip to the airport will be on the itinerary.

I am in Singapore. Though having only seen the airport and the hotel, I can’t say I have much of a sense of the place. Tomorrow I fly on to Melbourne, so this is a funny little hiatus where at 4.30 am local time, I am wondering how much money need to change, and indeed where I am going to go. Last night, before I fell into bed, I had been thinking of heading into Singapore City. Now I am wondering about staying local where it seems like there are coastal walks and a boat ride to an ‘unspoilt’ island.

However, if I don’t go back to sleep soon, I may be lying around the hotel reading my book. A bit of a waste, and I realise now I should have considered what I was going to do here and got organised some time in advance.

The plane ride was fine. At Heathrow someone called my name and I turned to see a woman with whom I had worked on a project some five or six years ago. We stood and chatted for about half an hour, and then it was time to slog out to my boarding gate. Heathrow is massive, but I still hadn’t been able to find any small bottles of face cream for sale that had the leaping bunny symbol. Continue reading


Sunny Morning

It rained all night. Every time I woke up, usually because Not Cat bounced on me, but once because he had a poo and the smell filled the boat, demanding urgent attention, I could hear the rain beating down It was quite warm though, and I was pushing my extra covers away.
When morning came, and Not Cat was asleep across my legs, it was quiet. The boat rocked gently. I lifted the curtain and saw blue skies. I stretched. Not Cat opened his eyes and stretched too, and watched me. I invited him to say good morning. He continued to watch me. I closed my eyes again.
A while later, I woke properly. Not Cat rubbed my nose with his. He wanted to go out, but the deal was he had to wear his new harness. He went back to bed. I went over to the shower block for some Spartan ablutions. Continue reading

Gentle Snoring

I am off to bath and bed in a minute. I fetched Not Cat indoors a few minutes ago. He took a while to respond to my jingling keys, and once in, raced round the flat like it was Le Mans, yowled to go out and then jumped on the sofa and fell asleep.
His capacity to go from wide awake and quite bonkers to sound asleep in seconds amuses and amazes me.
My own bedtime routine takes a bit longer.
Sweet dreams.

A River of Stones Day 9 Foxes

I wake suddenly. It must be about four. Something has made a loud noise. I can feel the echo of it in my quitted sleep; more vibration than sound. I lie and listen. Nothing. Something. I get up and open the shutters. The cat climbs onto the sill and we see a fox race out of the garden. Another movement catches my eye. A larger fox is scurrying along the wall to the left. The cat is alert, focused, but his attention is elsewhere. I follow his line of attention just in time to see a small, probably female, fox scramble over the roof of the bike rack and leap onto the ground. She too races from the garden. The larger fox is swift in his pursuit. There are a few sharp barks, then silence. The window has steamed with our condensed breath. Cat and human gaze out onto the now still garden for a few more moments and then return to bed and sleep.

The Furry Alarm Clock

I didn’t have to go to work this morning, so I thought I’d sleep in and get up late.

Cat had other ideas. He doesn’t really get changes in routine. The miaows became louder and more insistent; he attacked a newspaper, and played bouncy castle on my reluctant body. I opened my eyes as he launched himself from the window sill onto my chest. If I watched Casualty, I might think he was practising his technique for if I suffer a cardiac arrest, but I don’t. And anyway Mother used to say that they never did it with enough energy and force on TV programmes. Whereas I felt the air forced out of my lungs and the need to take a deep breath immediately after the impact of his paws. Continue reading