Friday Night At Home

Friday evening and I am glad to be home and wearing my new black slippers. Life chez IsobelandCat doesn’t get much more exciting than this. True, I bought a car yesterday and that should probably rank a bit higher than slippers with bows that make me think of Minnie Mouse, but I like my slippers and so far the car and I are not that well acquainted. It looks nice, being shiny and black.

I don’t think it’s been a busier week than usual, so I am a bit puzzled as to why my home looks like a slum, and I can’t blame all on the ghastly orange Cat Play Cube. Plumping cushions, hurling paper into the recycling bag and changing the bed linen has raised the tone a bit, and now I’ve dimmed the lighting, I should get away with it until morning. At least the tulips are still looking good.

Purple Tulip

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