The Coronavirus Diaries, 18th July 2020

Back home now and the wifi is on the blink, so I am back to hot spotting from my ‘phone. Fortunately the signal is rather better here than at the marina. I packed up my stuff slowly, cleaning the interior of the boat as I went along. The industry of spiders never ceases to amaze me. Older Nephew and his partner will probably be there before I return unless I have a very quick turn around here. The wifi is worrying as my CPD on Monday is all online. The prep I need to do tomorrow likewise, so I hope this is just a Saturday night blip.

When I got back MasterB was eager to get out of the car, but as Stumpy was intimidating Hartley to my right, I let him out of the passenger door, and then chased Stumpy away. Hartley and Romeo hung about me as I unpacked the car, doing very good impressions of Oliver needing more food at the workhouse. I fed them once I’d finished. You’d have thought they hadn’t eaten in days.

It’s already after ten, and I want to get to bed before midnight, so as Celia left a very nice comment about the photos of Soham, I am going to share some more, and then do the washing up and retrieve MasterB from the Great Outdoors.

Tonight’s selection is of gracious houses and an ambulance station I should like to know more of.

A gracious house

There were so many lovely houses in a small area. I can see I am going to have to read up Soham’s history. The Nissan hut hints at a wartime connection. This part of England was home to many airfields, so maybe there was one at Soham, though next to the church seems an odd location.

That looks like a Nissan hut in the background

A quick look on Rightmove found this. That wouldn’t even get you a bedsit where I live, and this is considered a cheap part of London.

Another gracious house

Did I start to have property envy? Well, what do you think? The town has a lot going for it. It may have lost its bakers and greengrocers, but there are other services, which many small towns have lost. Continue reading

The Coronavirus Diaries, 17th July 2020

I woke up coughing while it was still dark. My own coughing entered my dreams and then propelled me from sleep. Lockdown may be easing but my first thoughts as I gulped water and then dug out a Strepsil were that I had succumbed to Covid 19. I wasn’t truly reassured until I woke to sunlight with no cough or any other symptoms.

A gorgeous day, but one where das Boot has been plagued by tiny flies. They are very annoying. I have a glass of wine and it has a coaster on top of it not underneath as I don’t want wine with drowned fly. I went to Soham, a town I have driven through but never stopped in. My first impressions were positive. An array of attractive buildings in the High Street, though closer inspection revealed they were mostly cafés and take aways. I wandered down a side street and realised there has been a lot of building in recent years. Not all the new homes are what I would describe as sympathetic. A glance in an estate agent’s window revealed the house prices were so far below those in London as to seem to belong to another planet. I read noticeboards and learned that the railway station which closed years ago is to reopen in 2022. As it is on a branch line I doubt if it will push house prices up enormously, but it was interesting. Briefly Soham featured on my Places I Could Move to if I Left London list. Briefly, because only one person said hello to me. It wasn’t exactly welcoming. I had gone there to see the church where Olaudah Equiano had married Susanna Cullen in 1792. Here it is, a rather wonderful Norman building.

St Andrew’s Soham

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