Just One Picture

Could there be a more perfect view?

Slieve Gallion (1,737ft)

In the past I’ve walked up it when I used to take part in the Sperrins hillwalking festival. Nowadays I look at it when I do the regular walk with Westie Boy when I stay at Cousin’s. Aunt Ella’s funeral was two weeks ago and I spent two more days in NI, enjoying beautiful spring weather in the countryside. Tonight I booked flights for ten days in NI in August. Continue reading

Weather Wishes

It thundered while I was having my breakfast and I took my umbrella with me. No need, though I could have used it as a parasol. Another hot day in London with temperatures nudging 33ºC, and humid too, so energy sapping. I have been watching the forecast carefully, not for London but for Northern Ireland. I go to Cousin’s on Thursday, and normally I’d be gleeful about hot dry weather for my stay. But I am booked on a hillwalking week from Saturday, and the prospect of toiling up hills under blazing sun, no trees for shelter and having to carry enough water so as not to dehydrate, has made me wonder how much of the walking I’ll be doing.
Maybe I wished too hard for it too cool down. When I looked at the forecast today it showed rain. Not just one or two days rain, but a whole ten days of it. Continue reading

Northern Ireland Lights

In the city there is always so much light pollution.

Not to mention buildings.

Generally speaking, I’m not a great fan of sunset pix, but I took these on Tuesday, my last night in Co Derry, when Cousin joined me for a walk down the lane past the fields, looking towards the Sperrins.

I didn’t expect them to come out very well, but actually, I’m quite pleased.

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