The Coronavirus Diaries, 15th April 2020

A quiet day, which is not saying a good day or a bad day. Blue skies again, but chilly by this evening. I was busy all morning, but I don’t seem to have a lot to show for my efforts. My Fitbit which had stopped working seems to have come back to life. I hope so. I have had an exchange of emails with Fitbit support who offered me 25% off a new device if I replace mine within thirty days. I had been asking about repairing it. It seems they don’t do repairs, and that at around two years old mine, if it dies is obsolete. That left me wondering how much of a Fitbit can be recycled. Support seems to be answering the questions it thinks I am asking rather than the ones I am asking. This might go on for some time.

One of my neighbours seems to venting her stress at this time by getting active with the secateurs. Two rose bushes in our communal garden have been pruned to within an inch of their lives, despite this being absolutely not the time to prune roses. The sage came in for a severe cutting too. I rescued a bunch of the discarded stalks, washed them, sorted and froze most, and kept several to start new plants. They are now potted with good compost. I hope they survive. In lieu of bulbs to put in the hanging baskets, the sage plants may well be put to use there instead.

No walks in bluebell woods this spring, so their urban cousins in ou=r gardens are particularly welcome.


My tulips still look lovely.

Red and yellow tulip

Candy stripe tulip

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Of A Less Than Ideal Roommate, Unfounded Complaints, Sunny Days and an Outing for Aunt

Down in the guest room. The woman in the flat above has a television on loud enough for it to be intrusive. I am noting this as this morning she asked me to make sure I close the door to the guest room quietly as she hears it in her flat. Fair enough, and I know that I let it shut behind me with a bang when I arrived yesterday afternoon. After which I made sure to hold onto it and control the closure.

However, she went on to tell me that I had disturbed her several times between nine and nine thirty last night. I frowned at her. She misunderstood. “You'll know now,” she said with a forgiving smile.

“I wasn't in the guest room at that time,” I explained. “I was still with my aunt.” Aunt, who was looking equally bemused by the accusation, corroborated that I had been with her. I don't mind being blamed for noise I am making, but it is a different thing if I am going to get a reputation for inconsideration when I have been nothing of the sort, especially by a woman who listens to her television at full volume, and claimed today that she goes to bed about eight.


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Flowers in the Park

I have a very tired cat.
He didn’t want to come in this morning and so spent around seven hours outside. Part of this time was with Rosie. I didn’t see what happened, only the aftermath with MasterB, his tail arched and fluffed up, landing back on our side of the wall and Rosie sitting in his and Scally’s favourite spot. He’s fast asleep on my jumper now. Not a squeak out of him.
My own entertainments were more peaceful. I came home via the park. It’s not as bright as yesterday, but the flowers are still delightful.