St Paul’s West Front

This isn’t the picture i meant to post tonight. As I said earlier, I came home minus my little Olympus, and I don’t know where I lost it. I shall try two places tomorrow and hope it is in one of them. With fewer police stations about, my chances of it being handed in if I dropped it are remote.
I took this picture last week with my Lumix. It is of the West Front of St Paul’s cathedral.

West Front, St Paul's

West Front, St Paul’s

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City of London Lunch Break

This weekend has been a working one. I am glad to be home now and a few hours to relax before bed then work tomorrow. Today I had some free time in the City. I had my point and squirt Olympus, but it wasn’t really up to the pix I wanted to take. I’m not dissing the Olympus, it’s a great little camera, but I was looking at details quite high up on buildings.
Then I saw this:

I have no idea of its title. I walked all around the base, but didn’t see one. I like its optimistic, zingy, quality.
A group of tourists were huddled around a City policeman. They were all looking at a map.

You can tell he’s a City policeman, as opposed to the Met, by his helmet. In common with all forces in cities founded by the Romans, it has a ridge down it, an echo of the centurion’s helmet. Now who thought that idea up I wonder? I’d love to know. Continue reading