It was a bit of a saga, and I have already told Celia, but it worked out in the end and das Boot was successfully lifted out of the water, raised into blocks and now I just have to book the inspection so I can renew the insurance at the end of November.

The train journey to Ely usually takes just over an hour from London, so when I was looking at what time train I needed to get to meet Stuart the Boat Man I was puzzled that the journey time had almost doubled in length. Further clicking revealed there were engineering works and after Cambridge a replacement bus service would operate. Oh joy.

For those of you not familiar with replacement bus services, thank your lucky stars. I reckoned with the longer journey time I needed to be out of the house by 6.20am. So I set the alarm and retired to bed betimes. I had my clothes ready, sandwiches and a bottle of water in my bag, my phone charged and my train tickets bought. Continue reading

Successful Blogging

What does success in blogging mean to you?

It’s a question that I ponder every now again, usually as a result of some missive from WordPress that suggests something that I should do to increase my traffic.

Is successful blogging really just about numbers? When I join in with the photo challenges the number of hits my blog gets rises. Is that success – random people looking at a picture I have posted? Some just paste a link to their own blog. That counts as a hit and a comment but hardly suggests they have lingered to see and appreciate what I have written or photographed.

I notice that some people visit and like my blog after I have visited and liked theirs. Politeness? Quid pro quo? Hardly an endorsement of my writing. If I like a hundred posts and those hundred like mine back because the bloggers think that is what they should do, it doesn’t make my post better.

Pictures of my cat also bring in the likes. Now, I agree that MasterB is the most beautiful cat alive, and my heart swells with pride every time someone says something nice about him, but cutting edge, it ain’t.

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Hideous Toy, Dreadful Pictures

I knew this wasn’t going to be the prettiest of Not Cat’s playthings when I ordered it online, but the sheer ugliness of the colour really makes me wonder what the makers have against people who buy their pets toys.

I opened it up on the landing. It was an immediate success. Not Cat got into it, moved about in it, climbed in and out, went back to it, sniffed it, gave it an experimental chew. When I tried to move it, he claimed ownership.

I can’t quite bring myself to bring it inside the flat yet. He’s asleep on the sofa, so I may just have to fold it and wait until I am feeling stronger.

If his enthusiasm holds, I may get some better photos, in the meantime, I give you Not Cat and the Cat Play Cube:

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