Summertime Cat

MasterB is a happy boy.
Warm days, being in the garden, finding a smelly twig to play with.

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Evening Plans

I’m feeling quite pleased with myself. The flat is a tip, but I have just completed a draft for a presentation I have to give and it is atking shape nicely.
Now to fetch MasterB from the great outdoors, snatch a bite to eat and race out to the theatre. I may leave the bioy outside if that’s what he wants, then with luck, this is how he will be when I go to bed.



Beautiful Evening

After a dull day where the clouds grew dark but rain did not fall, it is a beautiful evening. Perfect for sitting outside and enjoying a bit of summer.
But I’m tired. I am sleeping badly again, so when I finish typing this I shall get into my pyjamas and go to bed. Not to sleep straightaway, as MasterB is bounding about in the garden, and he is going to be shut in much of tomorrow. Continue reading

A Summer’s Day

Another year in the middle of June, I’d have said the weather was disappointing today. But this year, this June, the sight of the sun trying to edge its way through the clouds made me think, ” Oh, it’s a nice day today.” And in the end, by early afternoon it was a lovely day of blue skies and warm sunshine. My washing dried on the line, MasterB retreated to the shade under the garden seat, and is now outside hunting in the still warm air.



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The Pictures Not Taken

There are three moments that stand out in my mind from today. Three perfect pictures in my head.

The last, first. Coming home, I cycled round a corner into a quiet street and saw a quiet dray horse standing in the shade on the pavement. All harnessed up, the reason he was there was by the kerb; a glass sided hearse with black and gold decorations. A reminder that in all this light and sunshine lives still end.

The second, whichever order I go in, was the perfect definition of summer in the city. A man in his late middle years in an open top sports car, stationary at the lights, with a phalanx of some twenty cyclists all around him.

And last, the first. That moment when NotCat and Ginger said a relaxed hello this morning seems somehow magical. I feel I have been privy to a minor miracle.

Much as I love photography, these pictures are wonderful to carry in my head.