Flying Into Light

My flight was delayed by longer than I care to think about, ironic as I was in a panic at the railway station when I learned the train I planned to catch had been cancelled. A quick reroute, and I arrived at the airport more or less on time. And then had to kill it in a series of crowded areas amid families heading off for their summer hols. When I booked my flight I hadn't considered that this was the weekend after many schools in England would have broken up for the summer and hence one of the busiest times for travel all year.

We left Luton as the sun was setting. The sun is still setting. The sky looks much as it did thirty minutes ago, but we are flying north where the days are significantly longer at this time of year than in London and the Home Counties.

From which you have worked out that I am off to Cousin's again and flying to Belfast. I have no plans, or rather I had no plans, but in the moments before take off a swift exchange of texts and now I am seeing a friend tomorrow. Earlier texts at the airport with Speccy means that Tuesday afternoon is also pencilled in the diary as a possible time to meet up.

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Boat Post

Made it to das Boot with MasterB.


He seems pretty relaxed. We had a walk around for an hour, and it was me who brought it to an end, not him. But halfway up I realised I hadn't brought any sachets. I bought some Lily's Kitchen, thinking he'd find it a treat. And only remembered when I put it in his bowl that he's not a fan of this brand. I found a couple of sachets of his usual at the back of the cupboard, but tomorrow there'll have to a a detour to somewhere that sells his usual food.

Do note the new toy/scratching post. Boat sized. And he has a bigger one at home. Not exactly sophisticated living, but if it stops him scratching the furniture I can live with it.

I watched The Dog Rescuers on Channel 4, the trailer for next week's episode was shocking, showing a greyhound whose muzzle had been taped stopping it from eating, drinking, yawning. Who does things like that?

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Holiday Diary Cont: Some of My Snaps

Now that I am home, the daily posting will probably come to an end quite quickly. However, I already have more photos from today when Kirsty’s mammoth pumpkin (this is not a euphemism) was ceremonially baked, and enjoyed by all.

Those photos will follow.

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Another Day Ends

My cardigan is debobbled. The Order of Service is ready for printing. Odysseus Ginger Biscuit has been offered a home in Kent. I have been to work. The washing machine cannot be repaired. Another day ends. My camera has not been getting much use, but these few pictures are from the marina and the river. Later this week, I shall go for a walk and start to look at the world again.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know I’m not a great fan of sunset photos as they never seem to live up to what I see with the naked eye, and I would not want one on my wall.

However, that didn’t stop me getting out my point and squirt yesterday at the marina yesterday evening as the sun was setting, when I did not know that the challenge this week was sunset photos.

Boats and Reeds at Sunset

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Northern Ireland Lights

In the city there is always so much light pollution.

Not to mention buildings.

Generally speaking, I’m not a great fan of sunset pix, but I took these on Tuesday, my last night in Co Derry, when Cousin joined me for a walk down the lane past the fields, looking towards the Sperrins.

I didn’t expect them to come out very well, but actually, I’m quite pleased.

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Sundown on water

It’s so hot in London today that I don’t want to go out. I know I’ll have to, but it seems a good excuse to look at my pix and catch up with the help of a faster broadband connection. My washing has been on the on the line since breakfast time, which is a sop to my conscience, and Cat is asleep in the perennials.
If you follow my blog, you may recall that I was quite frustrated with the photos I managed to take of sunset at the marina.
So, I was keen to see how I’d get on with my new camera. I’ve deleted quite a few of my efforts, which were terrible, but I quite like these, especially the impressionistic trees which convey how the lessening light obscures outlines and transforms objects, and the silhouetted cow, who was a bit fed up with my photographing her, but obligingly turned her head when I called to her.

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