Art in the Park

It was a path I hadn’t walked along, so had missed these pictures on the ground.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
I don’t know who painted them.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
I don’t why they were painted.
I don’t know why this particular location was chosen.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
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An Unexpected Proposal

I received an email the other day to tell me that the module I had signed up for in the extra mural department of the university had been cancelled. I was put out. I had been looking forward to starting it, continuing the course I began last year. My first choice of module had already been ruled out as it clashed with work commitments. Another would have meant a very long day at the start of the week which didn’t seem wise.
The email included some suggestions, but both seemed to be for January. Surely I was missing something. I called. The administrator was more than pleasant. She was sympathetic. She had no solutions.
The fees have gone up considerably this year. One suggestion was that I wait and try again in twelve months. Will the fees be frozen? No. Could the module be cancelled again? Yes.
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“Hurry up,” said Sally. “They’ll be back any minute.”
“Keep your hair on, I’m almost done. It would be easier if we could have the light on.”
“They might see it. Anyway, this torch is pretty good.”
“OK. Just hold it still would you, I need to see what I’m doing here.” Mike’s fingers worked deftly in the circle of light. “There, all done. Take this please.” He passed a collection of objects to his sister; string, scissors, a pot of drawing pins. Continue reading