Spring Unsprung

It’s pelting down. There has been lightning and almost simultaneous thunder. MasterB is hiding under a chair. We are experiencing all the seasons at the moment.

Spring is unsprung.

Yesterday it snowed.

It wasn’t for long and it didn’t settle, but still it made me remember 1979 when Margaret Thatcher was elected. I came home from Italy via France to vote against her. The first time I was able to vote in a national election. My vote was symbolic. She got in. But I have always felt the snow was an omen. It’s going to take a long time for this country to recover from Thatcherism, and the road is not linear.
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A Little Detail

When I was at the talk last week, some members of the audience were bemoaning the modern developments.

“Why can’t they build something classical?” said one woman. Others nodded. I kept quiet. Her classical was yesterday’s cutting edge. I don’t much like the current fashion for high buildings and blocks of flats with tinted glass, but I do want today’s architect’s to be creative, and not stuck in a straight jacket design laid down by the Georgians.

I’ve not got a lot of time for Prince Charles’ views, which seem to have resulted in some pretty bad pastiches of early C19 buildings. That’s better than some of the excesses of the late 80s and early 90s, the height of Thatcher’s reign, which yelled money but no taste, and always remind me of fascistic architecture in Spain. They’ll be the next to be pulled down, and I’ll cheer to see them go; especially a particularly horrible example on the Farringdon Road. I have a personal grudge against that one. While this monstrosity was being built it caused great traffic delays, and I was one of the drivers caught in that daily nuisance. a nuisance that was irritated when I saw the excrescence that was causing it.

I do like detail. The Aldgate Pump was finally made redundant when it was realised the waters were poisoning the local population. But it has a very handsome spout.


Aldgate Pump