Off to das Boot tomorrow and visiting a toy museum along the way.
I’ll not be there to admire the displays, but to discuss giving soem of my childhood toys to the collection. I have two snakes and ladders boards, a Ludo board, my Lindy Lou doll, and Toffee, the Merryweather Cheeky Monkey Bear I have had since I was a day old.
Here he is.



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My disgust at having to spend a mainly sunny day hunched over papers is mitigated by the feeling of virtue. I hope it lasts. I doubt if there will be any recognition of how long this task took, but that’s work for you. Fortunately there are Things to Look Forward To this week.

I did get out briefly and lovely friends who have an allotment gave me a lot of rhubarb. I shall curl up with recipe books and consider different ways, but probably make crumble.

Not Cat spent most of the day outside, but he did enjoy some indoor play.


He played with the old standbys.

Silver Paper

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East at Easter

Despite dreadful weather forecasts, I plan to go East tomorrow and spend a few days on das Boot. I haven’t been there for ages, so I shall have to wrestle it back from the spiders.

Not Cat will be with me of course. I bought him (yet another) harness, and if it is quiet, maybe we can have a few practice walks. He wasn’t terribly impressed when I put it on him the other day.

I need to pack some toys for indoor play. If only I could work out how to fold down the hideous cube, he would be able to enjoy it.
However, seeing him engrossed in a game with some silver paper in the garden reminds me he also enjoys simpler pleasures.

Christmas Presents

My first Christmas with Not Cat. He was rather quiet this afternoon, and slept across me while I watched Son of Rambow, and I worried that the portion of his new squeaky mouse tail that he ate this morning might be affecting him.
But by tonight his energy levels were back to normal. I unwrapped some more of his and my gifts, and he not only played with his new toys, but the bag they had been in.
I was and am watching Downton Abbey, but Not Cat’s antics made me smile at the end of a very quiet and lovely Christmas Day. I hope they’ll make you smile too.

Toys for Cats

Not Cat has a new toy that he loves. Or rather toys. I’m glad, as the favoured yellow ball threatens to disintegrate into a thousand bright and rubbery pieces.
Even so, I nearly threw the new toys away. They are the cut off remnants from Mother’s birthday velour trousers. She being on the smaller side of petite, I had to lop a couple of inches off and then rehem them.
I picked up one of the bits I’d cut off, and wound it into a ball. Hey presto! New toy.
They have been so successful that I’m looking at some rather past it socks and wondering if I could set up I business.
They have battered and batted, carried, caught and killed this evening. This picture was a rare moment when I had both of them together on the door mat. They are completely machine washable too.

New Toy

It’s been quite a rainy afternoon. Useful for the housework. I didn’t feel I was missing out on sunshine, but I still didn’t find my missing pendants. Fortunately, Not Cat had had quite a while outside this morning, so he was happy to rest on the sofa.

Suddenly, it turned sunny with blue skies. Not Cat wanted to go out and I needed to take the recycling to the bins. I took the camera. Hundreds of pix of flowers with drops of rain, then Not Cat decided the recycling bag was a great toy. Another hundred pix.

Here they are:

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Well, I did warn you!