Of Tea Cosies, Vet Visits, Ill Aunts, Insightful Books and a Bit of a Rant

Octavia has a new and gorgeous tea cosy. It is ragwork, and beautifully done. If I drank tea, I should be seriously covetous. As it was, I just turned it around so that the ginger cat side was on show, rather than the likeness of the grey ninja.

Thanks to drugs making him dozy, the ginger ninja has spent most of today asleep under a blanket. He had another trip to the vet yesterday afternoon after more trouble peeing. It was a different vet in a different practice. MasterB is now registered with two vet surgeries. This one is open on Saturday afternoons and even on Sundays.



The diagnosis is idiopathic cystitis, meaning the cause is unknown, but this vet, an antipodean like Ellie the Vet, was prepared to rule out cancer. Ellie, knowing me better, would have ruled it out without telling me she had done so. But suddenly I am wondering how short MasterB’s life could be. This vet agreed it might well be stress induced – ie Cookie – hence the opiates to keep MasterB zen. He was very zen at the surgery. Remarkably so. A lot less zen this morning before I had administered a dose of the Metacam, and pretty lively now, and outside swishing his tail. I offered him the chance to come in away from his rather over-assertive girlfriend, but he declined. He seems to prefer to watch her, an Outraged-of-SE17 expression on his whiskers. There may be letters to the feline equivalent of the Daily Mail.

However, I prefer lively to sick, but I can see the timing of the drugs, which he is on for five days, may have to be thought through. Tomorrow he is back at Ellie’s, though I think it is her day off, so he’ll probably see her partner.


As it turns out, MasterB is not the only one close to me requiring medical attention. Aunt has had a suspected heart attack. She called her GP who called an ambulance; spent a day at the hsopital which she found exhausting; and much to her relief was allowed home. She has been told to rest, so I am resisting the temptation to call her every few hours to check up on her. She feels she has lost a lot of ground this year. When I see her next we are going to check out audio books to download to her tablet in case she has to go into hospital again. I have some spare head phones, so she should just be able to close her eyes, shut out all the busyness and bustle, and relax in her own sound bubble.

We had the chance of an extra hour in bed today as the clocks went back in the middle of the night. That’s the end of British Summertime until 2015, and it was dark so early this evening. Suddenly all the Christmas stuff in the shops doesn’t seem so out of place. But it is still mild, so I am hoping the heating will remain off for a few weeks yet.

Slowly catching up on yesterday’s Guardian today, and steadfastly ignoring all the mess and clutter around me, I reached the Review section. Last night I was clumsily trying to articulate how I felt hospitals and care homes put the needs of running the institution above the people in their care. Phrases like ‘care for the individual’ are well meaning claptrap. The individuals have to adapt to the institution; the institution is too inflexible to adapt to the individual. Continue reading

Sick Boy

MasterB and I are going to have an early night. At least, that’s the plan. I’m tired and he’s off colour.


The day started at about half past four with MasterB being very vocal and bouncing on me. I rose groggily from my bed and he led me in a determined way to the kitchen. I led him to the sitting room and tipped the last of yesterday’s biscuit allowance in the Catcher. Sleep for me, and some digging in the bathroom for him.

So I wasn’t surprised when I got up properly, and slightly later than the lark, to find he’d used the litter tray. Not much of a pee. He could have held on, I thought.


Still, I know my place, so before getting my breakfast, got rid of the used litter, relined his tray with the Evening Standard (which is a perfect fit) and put new litter in. MasterB climbed in at once, turned circles in the tray, put his left leg on the side, squatted, stood up, turned more circles, and eventually had a very small pee.

I repeated my litter tray cleaning. He asked to go out when I went down to get rid of the now two bags of cat waste, and I enjoyed my breakfast without further incident.

Showered and ready for work, I went to bring him in. Straight into the bathroom, more circles in the tray, and a teeny weeny amount of pee. No crying, no apparent discomfort. Odd. Continue reading

Sick Cat

MasterB is booked in to see the vet tonight. The ginger ninja has lost his mojo and is not a happy boy. It seems to be a stomach problem. Lots of effort and then some not very healthy results in the litter tray.
He had already gone back to bed by the time I left for work this morning. Fortunately I am working from home this afternoon as he is a needy boy now who wants to be close by me. He’s off his food, and wants to sleep. Continue reading