Of MasterB, Calendar Postage, Feline Urinary Tract Problems, Vet Bills, and Dominant Girl Cats

This blogging every day business is quite demanding. I know I have done it in the past, but maybe my life is just less interesting these days. Fortunately I still have MasterB, whose good looks and charm always entertain me, and hopefully he entertains you too.

For those of you across the pond wanting a calendar of the Ginger Ninja I have checked out the postage and packing and it comes to £5, so a total of £13, though if you want more than one calendar the postage will be less. The earlier you order the better as Christams posting deadlines loom. It’s easy to pay me via PayPal  but please make sure you make the payment in pounds sterling rather than US dollars.

The Ninja Boy himself has finally gone outside. We were both in the garden earlier, but so was Cookie. She stalked and went to leap on him when he was having a private moment. I shooed her away, but she was soon back. She is a very sweet cat, but oh so dominant. Cat would have banished her by now, but I think MasterB’s mother must have told him that fighting seldom solves anything and that he must never ever hit girls. So this little tabby thing, who is half his weight, has the upper paw, causing the ginger one to flinch, scurry and opt to come back indoors. Continue reading

Of Cat Politics, Sophie Scott and MasterB

MasterB and I were in the garden when Sophie Scott arrived. There had been An Altercation, and I was observing feline politics, ready to wade in if the Ginger Ninja looked like he was getting into trouble.
The new ginger and white had come the heavy on Sonny, and I had intervened. Sonny is our resident feral, and I’m not going to stand by and watch some bully-come-lately push him out. MasterB got quite excited, and seemed to think that if I could get involved, then so could he. My involvement stopped at chasing the bully away from Sonny. I did not attempt to follow him under my car and hiss at him. Continue reading