Victoria Wood

I just watched a programme about Victoria Wood that was first shown a few years ago. Unlike Ronnie Corbett who died recently, it is obvious that there was no obit ready to pull off the shelf for Victoria Wood. Here are some clips from her comedy writing (and she could write serious drama equally well), and one of her most famous songs, to remind us how lucky we are to live in an age where media made it possible for so many of us to enjoy her wit, her warmth, her intelligent observation.

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Victoria Wood, National Treasure

I’ve just finished watching a programme from quite a few years ago about Victoria Wood. Laughed my socks off.
What talent. What humanity. The Acorn Antiques excerpts had me crying with laughter.
The programme finished with this VW classic:
As someone tweeted earlier, why isn’t Victoria wood a DBE? She is such a national treasure she ought to be in the Tower.
Sweet dreams.