Fantastic Mrs Fox

While I was getting dressed this morning I watched the vixen come home. There were no cubs greeting her, and no Mr Fox either. Unless she is a different vixen from the one who was around earlier this summer, I am guessing she has been widowed. I imagine it is pretty hard to bring up a litter of cubs single pawed, so maybe they didn’t make it. Another scenario is that they may have lost their home. We thought for a while that the foxes had moved away, then they came back. Maybe they had the cubs, someone destroyed their den and cubs and they moved back. I really don’t know.
She settled down in the denser greenery. By this time I had picked up my camera.

Getting to Bed

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Fox News

This isn’t what I meant to post today, so I may be back later. The vixen was sleeping on the wall again. Being slightly tired of taking pictures of her from the window I went outside. She woke up and watched me. She still looked pretty sleepy.

Sleepy Fox

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