The Coronavirus Diaries, 24th April 2020

I spent much of today on the ‘phone, not chats with friends, though all the calls were amicable, chats about car insurance. Mine expires next Saturday. My current insurers sent a renewal notice. The cost had risen by £70 from last year for no discernable reason. I rang, it was reduced by £20. I rang other insurers. The cost was more or less the same. If I had to choose just one word to describe it, that word would be high. Two words – too high. I’ll mull it over this weekend and decide if it is worth switching to save £12.

I don’t use my car much. I keep it mainly so I can get to das Boot. But my boat, has not been relaunched because of coronavirus, after being out of the water for its/her insurance valuation inspection all winter. Lockdown looks set to continue. I have already paid for my river licence, for my mooring fees, the boat insurance is due in July, the car tax, now the car insurance, all for something I can’t access, let alone enjoy. It’s a bit surreal. Or maddening. Choose your own adjective. Actually expensive would probably be the most accurate.

So. Is this going to be the moment I decide to sell das Boot, to give up the car? Maybe the moment, but those two things will have to wait until a) I can get to das Boot and remove her to a mooring where boats are sold b) a prospective buyer can take it/her for a water trial. Until the boat is no longer mine, I need the car. Do you see a circularity? a roundabout with no current exit?

One of the insurers I called, once he had my address, said I didn’t sound like a south Londoner. I wasn’t sure if it was a judgement or what. I said, “Don’t I? I have lived in Se17 most of my life.” This is true. It turned out theta he had lived in Greenwich, though his accent suggested his origins were a couple of hundred miles north of the Thames. I resisted saying it isn’t where you are born that matters, it where you make your home. My friend Patou was born in Argenteuil. Sh has lived longer in London than anywhere. London, she used to say proudly, is my city. Then Brexit. She won’t be here much longer. I have promised to call her this evening. Time is getting on. This post will have to be curtailed.

So, briefly: Celia and I walked over to Vauxhall. I took some photos. Celia announced a) she wanted to have a drink of cider in a pub and b) as the pubs were closed she wanted cake at the Vauxhall Tea House Theatre – which is also closed. We compromised by going to the latter and staring in through the windows. I took some photos.

Maggie the Cat

Muddy Boots and Dogs Welcome

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The Coronavirus Diaries: 31st March 2020

It’s astonishing how quickly I have become shop phobic. Only a week ago I was wondering how I was going to manage without my almost daily popping into a local shop to buy one or two items. Now I am delaying, and yesterday when I came home clutching a big bag of spring greens I was thinking I could be shop free for several days at least.

The third podcast went up today. I seem to be more relaxed about leaving verbal stumbles and errors, but I am confused by the amount of ambient rustling n this one given I was sitting still. Or did I just think I was sitting still? Those of you who have taken to studying philosophy while confined at home can wrestle with that one.

No pictures today, or at least no pictures from today as my camera battery was flat. I took a couple of photos on my ‘phone, but although I have plugged it into the computer the two do not seem to be talking. That’s annoying as I wanted to decant all my ‘phone pictures onto my laptop as the memory is full. Normally I’d ask Ahmad at All About Phones and he would sort it out for me, but of course the shop is shut. The things we take for granted until they aren’t there.

The amaryllis are doing nicely. MasterB is taking quite an interest.

Checking on the amaryllis

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