Does this need a snappier title?

This will have to wait until Sunday and I’m back in London, as there is no internet connection here at Mother’s. No mobile signal either. But I don’t mind that.

It’s been an interesting evening.

I had to stop on my way East to get some bits and pieces for Mother, that, with the various stretches of roadworks, hitting school home time, and so on, it was half past five when I got here.

Much as I should have liked to go straight to Mother, I had to settle Cat first. His eyes were huge and round and he hid under the bed, emerging almost immediately to use the litter tray I put in the bathroom.

I made my journeys from car to guest room, or Guest Suite as it is rather grandly and misleading called. I commandeered the completely empty fridge on the landing communal sitting room and wondered why I didn’t have any towels or loo roll. I looked at the cups on the tray and in my room and found them uninvitingly dirty. No sign of a glass either, and the kettle was half full of stale water. Yuk.

So, rubber gloves on and I filled the sink. I saw the communal cups were pretty dirty too, so I washed those as well. I picked the prettiest and took it back to my room.

Cat came out from under the bed and I fed him.

I went down to Mother’s flat but she was already asleep.

I tiptoed into the kitchen and shut the door. I had food that needed to go into the freezer.

I looked in the cupboards and clutched my hair. Literally. The cups made the ones in my room look pristine. There were bits of food adhering to plates and bowls. The glasses looked smeary and unpleasant. The tea caddy was in the fridge. The microwave was a health hazard. Continue reading