The Coronavirus Diaries, 10th April 2020

My cunning plan to get my loose covers washed and on the line and get a stock of fresh vegetables before the breakfast washing up was done was only partially successful. I can’t say how many others thought the fine weather a perfect opportunity to to freshen up the upholstery, but I can say an awful lot had decide to shop early. There were queues outside shops that aren’t opening until nine at half past eight. So I did the washing up and got the second batch of loose covers on the line.

Then I joined the queue outside M&S. My top requirements were baby spinach and daffodils. It is easter weekend. Any weekend where a bank holiday is attached always makes people react by buying enough to see out a siege. Coronavirus has intensified that to the power of n. I called B&J and celia from the queue. If this was how the weekend was going to play out I wanted this morning to be my only contact with shops. Unfortunately at that point I hadn’t taken stock of how little tonic water I have left to add to my real or non-alcoholic gin. That was a discovery I only made this evening. Ho hum.

The shop was fairly successful in that I got everything on their very short lists, and my daffodils. No spinach. Try at ten or ten thirty the nice man filling shelves suggested. He had already fetched daffodils from the store room for me. Somehow the idea of rejoining the queue mid-morning didn’t have a great appeal. Deliveries made, home again, daffs in the vase, I considered my option and decided to go to Sainsbury’s at the Elephant. I could avoid the main roads, cross through some green spaces, and if the queues were dire there I would at have least been for a walk.

I walked past what used to be a old boozer and which is n ow a self-consciously hip pub. A closed pub, as all our pubs are. And as with many of closed food and drink outlets now offering alternative services.

Proper wine

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Of Pancakes, New ‘Phones, and Washing Dried on the Line

I am going to join friends shortly for the annual pancake indulgence that is Shrove Tuesday. I am a bit of a fraud as I am not intending to give up eggs for Lent. Actually, I don’t know that I am going to give anything up. I was thinking of taking something up instead. A good habit, for instance. Something like keeping up to date with paperwork, or not leaving things on the floor. I think that would be harder than giving up alcohol which is my usual Lenten bit of self-denial.
After my ‘phone problems at the weekend, when more than one person suggested it was time I got a new ‘phone, I tried to recall how long I have had my current one, and concluded I must be due for an upgrade shortly. I have had a contract with T-mobile since they called One-2-One, which just about equates with when Eve was a girl. All the same I was a bit surprised to receive a call from them at lunchtime yesterday on the very subject of new ‘phones and contracts. Continue reading


I’ve got a large glass of wine and an even larger glass of water. I’ve not had enough fluids today and I’m feeling the effects; incipient headache; dry mouth. I like the idea of the wine, but it’s probably significant that I’ve left it on the draining board, while the water is in front of me. And that this at least my fourth glass of water.

So, another evening on Das Boot. Home tomorrow via the cat home I hope.

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A Life in the Day

Sunday, a welcome chance for a bit of a lie-in and the opportunity to catch up on sleep. Cat had obviously had an exhausting week. After a few hours in the garden patrolling his patch and napping in the flowerbeds, he came back in for a spot of brunch. After attending to his personal grooming and demanding and receiving attention me, in the role of his personal servant , another nap was in order. He went back to bed. My bed.

On my list of  Things To Do today was stripping the bed and washing the bedlinen. I know I could have woken Cat up and turfed him outside, but as you’ve probably worked out by now, I’m a bit of a softie. Also, I thought maybe Cat would wake up shortly.

I was wrong. Time  passed.  The weather, sunny and slightly breezy, was perfect for drying laundry. I carried on with this and that. Came online. Commented on some blogs. Read my emails. Finished the crossword. Took photos. Cleaned the kitchen. Did some shopping. Cat slept on.

Some five and half hours after he had settled down for a post-prandial nap, Cat woke up; washed his paws, climbed languidly from the bed and miaowed at me.

I told him his new name was Rip Van Winkle. He blinked at me lazily, and stretched out on the floor so I could brush him. I noticed he had scratches or bites on both ears.  They didn’t seem to bother him, but both bled gently when I brushed them.

Spruce once more, and the sleep wiped from his eyes, he made for the door. In my role of concierge, I followed him downstairs and let him out into the garden.

The sheets and pillow cases finally made it into the washing machine at half past five. A little while longer, and I’ll be able to peg them out on the line. Thank goodness for long light evenings.


The washing dried well. I added it to my ironing marathon, just completed. Cat came in again and is now asleep on the freshly made bed.